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At Berkheimer OneSource, We've Been There

  • We’ve been there looking for ways to improve the bottom line when it seemed all but impossible – just like you.

  • We’ve been there processing without the cutting-edge technology or trained labor forces – just like you.

  • We’ve been there training and trying and perfecting and customizing so that when we come to you with a product or service, we’ve got it right – just like you.

The majority of all solutions implemented and supported by Berkheimer OneSource have been developed and tested thoroughly by us.  We literally put these solutions to work internally to meet our own needs and we work to eliminate any potential problems, before deploying them to our clients.  That’s what makes us different:  Not only do we provide solutions that work, we’ve proven it.

OneSource’s consultative, customer-centric approach means our team of engineers will help identify your pain points, goals and potential needs before we ever recommend a particular technology or service. Our years of experience help our clients determine the best solutions for their needs – now and in the future.  Whether that is outsourcing, in-sourcing or any of the many combinations that exist between those two models, we can implement, support, and service it with hardware, software and the most capable advisors in the business. It is this approach, combined with customer support unmatched anywhere in the industry that allows us to boast a client turnover rate of less than 3 percent.

We’ve been there. And you can be here. That’s right, we invite you to visit our facility to see how we use the same products we recommend to our clients. Tour the site, check out our testing and production methods and see for yourself how we put our money where our mouth is. We’ll show you the day-to-day operations, not a flow chart.

Since 1936, Berkheimer has been developing and perfecting the blend of newest technology and professional labor to achieve cost-effective, accurate processing solutions for our clients and partners.  It is this history of success that fostered the OneSource offering.

We've Been There

  • We’ve been there on the line, when business depended on it.

  • We’ve been there for our clients when they needed us.

  • We’ll be there for you.

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Our policies and procedures have been audited both internally and externally since 2001 to ensure industry compliance.
  • SAS 70 Level II
  • SSAE 16
  • HIPAA Compliant