Know the 7 Myths About Accounts Payable Automation

With the economic downturn, companies are scrutinizing where they spend their money, demanding evidence of future returns on investment before a product/service is purchased. Many times this mentality has filtered into the accounts payable area where there could be great cost reductions through the use of automation, but the perceived cost of implementing any type of solution is often a deterrent to making the initial investment.

Let’s take a look at 7 myths that are often associated with AP automation and why they are all just that…myths:

  1. We Don’t Need Automation – Do you want to save time and money and realize fast ROIs? AP automation allows organizations to get on top of their invoice management agenda, providing solutions with unrivaled ease-of-use, flexibility and powerful matching capabilities.  Automated AP solutions provide increased productivity, reduced processing costs, improved process transparency and minimized errors and fraud.  Other benefits include multi-channel interaction, rapid ROIs, touchless processing and easy scaling. Solutions cover the full invoice management process from capture through validation, process management, archiving and reporting. Rather than spending time on redundant tasks like data entry, filing, sorting, copying, etc. employees can concentrate their efforts on work more directly related to your bottom line.
  2. Automation Doesn’t Really Save Money – The cost to manually process an invoice can range from anywhere between $5 – $25, and with strategic automation, this cost can be reduced to an average of $2.50! High costs include those associated with the errors of manual data entry, invoices getting lost while they are routed from one individual/department to another, exceptions processing, accrual delays, failed audits and duplicate invoices. Automation provides a 90 – 95% reduction in paperwork which leads to a 25% increase in labor productivity.
  3. We’ll Lose Process Control Automation actually provides greater visibility, allowing authorized users to see invoice status at any time.  Invoices are no longer left unattended, and employees are held accountable for their role in the approval process. This in turn leads to greater control since processes are automatically updated as invoices make their way through workflows, providing more time for focus on exception handling.
  4. We Can’t Afford Automation – Actually, you can’t afford not to have AP automation. With the right solution in place, you’ll save time and money currently spent on manual processes while avoiding things like double payments and forgotten invoices. And, with cloud-based solutions, there is no upfront software purchase required and no dedicated IT team to be put into place. Using this type of solution enables organizations to realize faster ROIs by basing return on documents processed rather than viewing it as a project.
  5. We’re Too Small For Automation – No matter what the size of an organization, there are employees assigned the task of manually entering invoice data when they could be focusing on more strategic responsibilities.  Just like with larger businesses, there is money to be saved through the implementation of an accounts payable workflow, including lost invoices and failed audits.  And with the use of cloud-based solutions, costs are minimized with solutions available to fit any budget.
  6. We’re Too Big For Automation – AP automation solutions were actually first designed with larger organizations in mind, so they are able to handle large volumes of invoices. With the ability to create effective workflows and integrate with existing ERP systems, automation is a no brainer for the larger business that has many more departments and employees for a single invoice to pass through.  There is a greater chance for error with a manual system used in a big business since there is a higher number of invoices and more people handling them. Automation takes manual procedures out of the mix allowing for increased control and visibility.
  7. We Don’t Have Time to Implement Automation – There are many AP automation solutions to choose from, many of which require no dedicated IT teams or special training. You can decide whether to outsource, insource or use a combination of both. Any time spent on implementation will be quickly regained through rapid ROIs.
Berkheimer OneSource (BerkOne) offers a variety of AP automation solutions through our AP|Connected suite of products.