In my 25+ years of medical manufacturing, I have yet to find a vendor that even comes close to BerkOne’s level of quality and process audit as it pertains to medical records management. The decison to partner with BerkOne to manage our mass volume of historical and day-forward paper document workflows has been one of the best decisions we have made.

– Senior VP of Compliance

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Why BerkOne? Founded in 1936, we’ve persevered through tough times. Our grit, resiliency, and agility can help you get back on your feet in a hurry. (And we do it all with solutions delivering the highest level of security and compliance in the industry).

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You can’t afford not to automate. We’ve designed and tested affordable solutions that are proven to save time and money.

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BerkOne allows Suburban EMS to focus on what we were originally founded for, saving lives, not processing paperwork.

– Jeff Young, Executive Director, Suburban EMS


Prior to the implementation, it required one senior level engineer approximately 4 months to complete a comprehensive documentation audit for one product. BerkOne has now decreased the process time and complexity of this audit to one week.

– Records Manager


BerkOne’s solution exceeded our expectations. The project had instant payback, reducing the cost per expense report by 33%. Finally, we have complete control over our travel and expense process.

– Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical