Any Data, Any Device, Anywhere, Using Intelligent Mobile Data Capture

Use intelligent mobile data capture products from Berkheimer OneSource (BerkOne) for real-time data for real-time decisions. Dedicated software enables users to capture data electronically and integrate collected data into back office enterprise systems.

Berkheimer One’s products enable state-of-the-art mobile data collection by:

  • Providing a form design and automation tool
  • Supporting all modern handwritten and touch mobile data capture hardware devices with software that captures, transforms, securely communicates ink, recognized data, barcodes, photo, audio and more
  • Providing world-class verification and validation software
  • Enabling communication of the original ink and recognized forms data to any relational database from Access to SLQ Server to Oracle
  • Integrating wireless technologies, making rapid and timely data possible

The right technology allows you to quickly and easily create e-forms for mobile devices, iPads, digital pens and laptops.  Packed with features, your e-forms application is interactive and easy to use, and you’ll be able to collect data both online and offline.

With support for voice recognition, text input, pick lists, time stamps, photo capture, handwriting interpretation, GPS, and even barcodes, you can quickly build a fast, flexible data collection solution tailored to your requirements. The captured data can then be securely integrated right into your document imaging, ECM/EDM, and/or other core systems including ERP suites.

Easily automate your current paper forms without the typical new technology learning curve by relying on intuitive and evolutionary data capture and processing solutions.  Enable submitters to enter data into the application with rules to ensure accuracy, rather than having it scanned later for manual data entry.

To avoid incurring a host of paper-related unnecessary overhead costs and wasting valuable labor hours on time consuming manual data entry costs, why not consider a mobile electronic data collection and delivery solution that can liberate your organization from paper costs and inefficiencies?

Join the world of AP automation with an easy and automatic process use intelligent mobile data capture, delivery and business workflow. Realize fast ROI, greater back office efficiencies and increased overall profits.