Re-branding, We Are Now BerkOne!

With great excitement, Berkheimer Outsourcing, Inc. announces its name change to BerkOne, Inc.

This re-branding is due to the fact that our client expectations have risen over time – they want to do business with a single or “one source” company that can provide complete end-to-end solutions, not just individual services. Because of these increased customer needs, the company has morphed into what we are today. BerkOne now offers a full portfolio of insourcing solutions that provides business process automation to companies across the board. Our offerings include but are not limited to: data capture & forms classification, print & mail, workflow & content management, accounts payable & accounts receivable automation, electronic and physical records management. BerkOne offers full flexibility to clients who can choose to go with either hosted, or on-premise solutions – and even something in-between!

Originally, we were set-up to provide solely back-office processing services on a fully-hosted basis. Now our new mantra is – let’s expand our offerings to allow our customer to decide whether they want to own the technology, subscribe for outsourcing services, or hybrids of the two options. Why? Because this allows our customers to pick from performance proven solutions that make the right sense to their current and future needs. We are able to cater to different customer needs under “one umbrella.” That’s where the word “one” comes into play in the name, BerkOne. We hope you agree!

So how exactly did we evolve to becoming BerkOne? Over the last five years, we have closely monitored our customer needs and determined there was a need for greater flexibility from us. In doing so, we decided to make a strategic decision to acquire Indiana-based Prescient, Inc. This immediately gave us the on-premise solution capability. Along the same lines, we became resellers of several new software and hardware products. In doing so, our motto is to be high production end users of everything we provide before even offering it to our customers. We like to practice what we preach.

In addition, BerkOne continues to exponentially grow its market presence in Accounts Payable solutions with its end-to-end AP automation solution called AP Connected. This full-scale offering includes invoice receipt (email and scanning), intelligent OCR extraction, rules based workflow routing with automatic coding, and payment services including ACH, credit card, and check printing. Customers benefit from features such as three-way matching, exception processing and much more. APConnected is available under the BerkOne umbrella – the “one source” provider.

By operating as BerkOne, a singular provider of business process automation solutions – we are well-positioned in the marketplace to listen and respond to different customer situations effectively. It’s all in the name!

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