BerkOne donates to support TSA workers

BerkOne provides donations to help Lehigh Valley TSA workers

During the recent 35-day government shutdown, 800,000 federal employees faced lay-offs or work without pay. Furthermore, either directly or indirectly, this shutdown negatively affected lots of companies, state and local governments and non-profits. Economists estimated that the economy took a hit of at least $11 billion.

Many people rallied to provide some relief to the government workers bearing the brunt of the shutdown. Support for Lehigh Valley TSA workers came from many groups. Employees from BerkOne joined in with donations for the “fill the bus” campaign held at Lehigh Valley International Airport.

filled bus with donations for lhv international airport tsa workers


BerkOne’s Client Services Department passed the word throughout the company. And our employees responded whole-heartedly by donating a wide range of goods. These included a variety of foods, bottled water, juice drinks, toiletries and diapers.

Not surprisingly, when Client Services delivered our donated items, several lines of cars queued up to do the same.  Everyone waited patiently for their turn to drop off these much-needed items.

On the receiving end, the volunteer “bus stuffers” hustled to keep up with the generosity of the community. Overall, the word “Thank you” was the phrase of the day and it was heard throughout the unloading process.  The donations stacked up very quickly past the height of the bus windows.

BerkOne continues to support our community through activities that inspire our employees.  Recent recipients include Pennsylvania Special Olympics Polar Plunge, Relay for Life, and American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer”.