Can Office Costs Be Reduced by 50% Or More With Document Scanning Services & OCR

One of the largest hidden costs for companies is the capture and processing of data. Every scrap of paper that contains information for your business – whether an invoice, a patient record or a business process – requires a significant effort to gather and manage it.

Manual data entry of a single record may require multiple individuals across different departments, offices or divisions. In some cases the act of capturing data from various sources can generate its own paperwork, creating an ever-escalating burden on your organization. Manually entering data raises the risk of errors, which demand more time and personnel to fix.  The fact is that any business using paper documents – no matter how large or small – is a perfect candidate for document scanning services.

A key concern we hear from potential clients is the cost of implementing document scanning services or OCR systems into their existing infrastructure. While it’s a valid concern and companies should constantly consider profitability, infrastructure and workflow issues to stay competitive, BerkOne has the unique ability to analyze how the cost structures of the different options line up. More often then not, OCR document scanning services reduce office costs by 50% or more. It’s one of the main reasons companies opt for OCR document management.

The AnyDoc® Document Scanning Solution

Tools such as AnyDoc® have greatly simplified document scanning – making it the go-to package for document conversion services such as Berkheimer OneSource (BerkOne). And while document scanning has traditionally referred to the creation of an electronic image of a document, OCR for AnyDoc® allows the data on each page – names, numbers, notes and more – to be captured and used separately. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software analyzes computer-generated text on paper documents and translates it into usable data.

But the folks at AnyDoc Software also understand that records can be handwritten. They’ve incorporated ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) capabilities, which can read and translate handwritten characters as well.

AnyDoc® is an incredibly powerful document scanning solution that lets companies:

Expedite documents into their workflow

    AnyDoc® eliminates time- and cost-consuming manual data entry. After data is captured from documents and verified for accuracy, it is immediately loaded into backend systems. Customer service reps, for example, will have access to key information sooner – allowing them to deliver timely information and resolve customer problems faster.


Improve data accuracy

    • Manual data entry invites the potential for human error. By cross-referencing data and comparing it to external data tables, AnyDoc® eliminates improperly-keyed information as well as the need to investigate and correct errors.



Minimize manual sorting

    AnyDoc® reduces pre-sorting and classification of documents, allowing them to be scanned right out of the envelope. Documents can be fed into the scanner and batches, document sets and attachments can be organized digitally.


Meet compliance standards with secure, controlled access to sensitive documents

    With customizable security options, AnyDoc® is the perfect solution for companies who are required to meet regulatory and privacy standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA.  File access can be easily granted to specific individuals or groups anywhere around the globe, and access can be specified down to individual sections or database fields of scanned documents.

In addition, AnyDoc® goes beyond simple data capture and verification, offering industry-specific software packages for healthcare, insurance, accounting and mortgage companies. These extend the functionality of the powerful AnyDoc® platform to patient records, remittance processing, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms, mortgage and loan applications, and claims processing.

How much time does your business spend managing records?