Print, Mail & Remittance Processing

Governmental bodies and companies streamline their print, mail and remittance process.

  • Governmental bodies and companies struggling with the ongoing task of billing and collecting for services rendered benefit from BerkOne solutions.

  • Mountain case study iconThe Challenge

    Standard operating procedures at many governmental bodies and companies is to print bills at a desktop printer and manually stuff them into envelopes to be mailed and distributed. Additionally, staff is often tapped for processing all of the incoming payments and handling the bank deposits by hand – a tedious and frustrating arrangement. Finding a cost effective solution that would automate the printing and mailing their monthly bills as well as process submitted payments quickly and easily is essential to ensuring a better functioning organization.

  • The BerkOne Solution

    BerkOne has developed countless customized print and mail solutions that efficiently gets notes to subscribers while at the same time eliminating all hands-on tasks. BerkOne can handle printing, mailing and processing of all remittance while providing organizations with full access to subscriber status and accounts through a secure online portal.

  • The Results

    By removing themselves from the distribution and remittance process for their monthly billings, governmental bodies and companies can improve their efficiency and save significantly on what was once a costly procedure.