Records Management

School District implements complete electronic archive and reconciliation of various record types into one network based retrieval system.

  • A school district in a suburban community located outside Philadelphia, PA has just over 30,000 residents and a current student population of approximately 3,500. The established school district began to develop an urgent need for a complete document imaging solution that would archive all of their physical documents, both old and new.

  • Mountain case study iconThe Challenge

    The school district had been accruing large amounts of historical and current academic documents. They reluctantly began storing them randomly at locations throughout the district. The files were being housed in work areas not designed for document storage and they struggled with searching through boxes and boxes of documents. Some documents, while older, were still significant and required a coordinated structure where they could be stored and retrieved on demand.

    The district was in need of a solution that would allow them to save the valuable time, space and resources wasted on the recovery of information scattered throughout decades of accumulated paper files; an efficient process to store and quickly obtain the information throughout the district when needed.

  • The BerkOne Solution

    BerkOne implemented a custom solution that was flexible to the District’s requests. A complete web-based Electronic Archive was implemented that allowed for the reconciliation of a variety of record types into one network based retrieval system. Once scanned, all files undergo an indexing process in which each document is given a specific tag that allows for the retrieval of information stored within the document.

    All new documents are processed through BerkOne’s Day-Forward Imaging service. The implementation of Day-Forward Imaging allows for the addition of various file types such as student records and transcripts, personnel files, special education documents, and office meeting minutes and addendums. In addition, the District needed the paper documents to be destroyed or shredded after the imaging was complete. Files that have been scanned and archived are given a “certificate of destruction” which guarantees that the physical documents have undergone an extensive, secure process of permanent elimination.

    BerkOne's Records Management Solution

  • The Results

    The BerkOne hosted system allows the District to search all of their documents easily and quickly for specific information on demand. Retrieval time is now just 5 minutes, not 5 hours. And all imaged documents are now available in a format where they are safe from disaster and easily and quickly accessible to staff. The district has regained valuable floor space throughout their district, increased overall accuracy and reduced data turnaround time in their daily office operations, saving time, space and money. Additionally, schools around the district are now able to access the documents via their network.