Cobots automate time-consuming web forms testing

In this case study, read how BerkOne created a collaborative software robot – aka “co-bot” – to automate the time-consuming task of website form testing.

Web form testing confirms process quality

Visitors to may complete contact forms to register for events, request white papers or connect for more information. When they do, we create a Salesforce contact with their info. To make this happen, we use a pre-established map of the contact form to the same Salesforce fields. Since our website and Salesforce both receive frequent updates, field mapping may break.  When this occurs, the web form contacts do not populate to Salesforce.  To assure that website contacts continuously flow to Salesforce, the marketing department performs periodic process quality tests.

Testing and auditing consumes valuable time

Every month, our marketing manager completed test contacts on a dozen different forms across 50+ webpages and audited the results.  Since Salesforce does not accept duplicate email addresses, each page required unique test contacts. Just generating these fictitious names and email addresses presented a challenge.

The audit steps require moving back and forth from system to system. Check the new Salesforce contact.  Check the new email campaign entry.  Confirm email notifications were sent to Sales and Marketing.  If any issues are found, then fields require remapping and retesting.  Finally, deleting all the test contacts from Salesforce and our email campaign program completed the procedure. This consumed at least 3 hours every month. Heaven forbid an interruption required our manager to figure out where she left off!

Automation to the rescue

This repetitive testing started appearing in our manager’s imagination like a flowchart.  While faced with so many other important things to do, she had to get this testing automated.  So, she met with two of BerkOne’s RPA (“robotic process automation”) technicians to demonstrate the web form testing process.

Co-bots make all the difference!

That’s all it took!  Our team used Kofax’s Kapow RPA software to develop a collaborative software robot – co-bot – to perform all our manager’s steps. This included the generation of unique test contacts and email addresses. Added features included an audit trail and an associated audit report. Now, our manager can clearly see the completion of each test case and any related issue. In this month’s testing, the audit report identified 2 issues which our manager fixed and retested successfully in 15 minutes.  Additionally, to accommodate website changes, the co-bot configuration allows our manager to directly add new contact forms – all without special RPA expertise or training.

Now, we can perform this testing anytime to assure the connections between our website and Salesforce operate flawlessly. The only time human intervention is needed, is when a problem displays on the audit report. Any website with connections to Salesforce or other systems would benefit from process testing cobots. The more connections to / from the website, the higher the benefit from cobot testing.