Data Extraction Made Easy with Kofax Kapow

Robotic Process Automation

Extraction, classification and organization of information from multiple sources is key to digital transformation.

To enable your digital transformation, it’s possible to extract, classify and deliver a variety of information types from virtually any application or data source.
Information that was previously unattainable, unusable or costly to integrate is now readily consumable to drive employee productivity, add insight into the decision making process, and deliver a better customer experience. All available sources –  websites, portals, desktop applications and enterprise systems – can be knit together using Kofax’s Kapow robotic process automation, data extraction, and web data integration program. Better yet, all this is possible without coding.
This video presents an overview of Kofax’s Extraction Browser. Data is monitored, sorted and extracted from various sources via automated integration workflows. The resulting data is then used for analytical, marketing and / or operational purposes.

We invite you to take a look at Kapow and to imagine the data sources you can mine automatically for your competitive advantage.

When you’re done, let us know what you think using the form on this page.

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