Get Ready!

Engaging BerkOne for a “needs assessment” provides a fact based analysis of your current business processes and identifies opportunities to apply business process automation.  BerkOne will review your current process flows, identify bottlenecks and present some “future state alternatives”.  Read the information below to help you and your company get ready to discover your customized solution.

Your main Assessment Project phases:


What you need to provide for your needs assessment:

  1. Share any documented procedures on the current processing environment
  2. Provide current IT Infrastructure supporting the environment
  3. Provide all policies and procedures that BerkOne is required to follow in the performance of the Services
  4. Designate an “Executive Sponsor”

BerkOne’s needs assessment will provide:

  1. Qualified resource(s) to conduct and participate necessary meetings
  2. Mutually agreed upon days of Needs Assessment at your site
  3. Participation of meetings remotely (on-line or via conference calls)
  4. Technical resources to build solution design based on Discovery & Analysis
  5. Detailed design documents

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