February Newsletter

On this last day of February, remember winter is more than half over in the northern hemisphere. And Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so we should expect an early spring!
  • This month our “Cobot Corner” features a client with a “taxing task” taking their employees 30+ hours a week. They used a cobot to automate this task, so their employees can focus on their taxpayer customers.
  • Manual or paper-based processes are a competitive disadvantage! Imagine the alternatives in this month’s “Your Digital Future” blog.
  • BerkOne employees helped to “fill the bus” with donations during the government shutdown. Look for “BerkOne in the Community”.
  • Announcing a webinar on April 11th focused on workflow automation in the Real Estate and Property Management industries. See “Upcoming Events”.

Cobot Corner

In our feature on collaborative software robots – aka “co-bots” – discover how a cobot alleviated a client from a “taxing task” that included manual lookup of questionable addresses on multiple websites.

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Your Digital Future

As modern digital engagement becomes the baseline standard for customer experience, is your company at a disadvantage if still using manual or paper based processes?

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your digital future february


BerkOne in the Community

BerkOne’s Client Services department led the charge to help “fill the bus” to support the Lehigh Valley’s TSA workers during the government shutdown.

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Upcoming Events

Save the date!  We will be hosting a webinar focused on the workflow automation solutions for Real Estate and Property Management.  Join us on Thursday April 11, 2019 at 1:00 PM (eastern) and 10:00 AM (pacific).  Use the link below to pre-register.

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