How Can AP Automation Software Increase My Bottom Line?

At Berkheimer OneSource (BerkOne) we know that a major goal of your business is to increase your bottom line while providing your customers with top notch service.

What goes on behind the scenes determines how smoothly your business runs. We can help you to minimize the time spent on manual accounts payable procedures, and increase time efficiencies by implementing our AP automation software.

Traditional invoice administration usually entails checking, account-coding and verification as well as copying documentation and filing. This is not only a time-consuming process but also a costly one.

By utilizing AP automation software, processing times and associated costs can be dramatically reduced, allowing your staff to focus their time on more revenue generating work activities.

Did you know that by utilizing an AP automation process, the cost per invoice can be decreased to well under $3.

There are many advantages to implementing AP automation software into your AP process. Here are just a few:

  • Reduction of paper – Eliminate the “paper chase” and have AP information available at your fingertips instantly. AP automation software provides everything from invoice receipt and data capture to image storage, so employees can focus on revenue generating activities directly tied to your bottom line.
  • Intelligent data capture – Invoices can include both structured and unstructured data depending on the vendor.  This can lead to difficulty in manual review, resulting in too much time spent in the extraction process, where there is also room for human error. With data capture software, invoices are scanned and recognized with pertinent information locations stored for future use.
  • Expedited approval – With automated workflow, invoices can be matched to purchase orders during the data capture activity, and immediately routed to the correct person for approval.  The approval can be done remotely, removing the potential hurdle of having to wait for authorized approvers to be in the office.  This eliminates the possibility of delays or oversights.
  • Early pay discounts– A penny saved is a penny earned.  AP automation tools can set up alerts to notify appropriate parties when a specific action must be taken, such as paying an invoice early to receive a discount.  Information is entered into your AP system in a time efficient manner allowing you to take advantage of these savings.
  • Compliance and audit trails – Automated workflow leaves digital trails outlining all actions made to an invoice.  You can access a digital overview of all AP information quickly and easily, rather than trying to find the correct paperwork.  See where an invoice is in the process and track who is responsible for specific actions at various points in the process.

BerkOne offers you many AP automation software solutions, each designed around decreasing time spent on manual processes and maximizing productivity.  Our AP|Connected suite of products provides you with the tools to ensure that you have the right information available to the right people at the right time.