Online Business Records Management Delivers 100x Productivity Improvements

Digitech: Access Your Business Everywhere.

In a business world that is increasingly becoming virtual, today’s leaders find themselves wondering what constitutes truly improved productivity. Online business records management makes your business and your staff more productive by more efficiently managing your company’s information. With more accurate, complete, accessible and user-friendly information, your company can move faster and make better-informed decisions.

Forget recordkeeping the old-fashioned way – it requires too much staffing, space and equipment. Digitizing business records reduces operating costs, decreases the time spent searching for misplaced records, minimizes the risk of litigation, and provides a much more comprehensive level of security – all of which translates into improved productivity.

Whether your staff needs real-time access to business records on the road, access to patient records in the exam room or access to project data while working from home, you know that your team needs company information with them everywhere, all the time, securely.

Business Records Management On the Move
That’s where Digitech’s enterprise content management (ECM) systems come into play. Imagine giving your staff anywhere-access to the files they need in order to do their jobs, as productively as possible. One major medical center boasted of 100-fold increases in productivity, with near-real-time access to information.

Digitech is an on-demand service delivering continuous access to your data online without the need for additional hardware and IT personnel – or even new software! Because Digitech’s online archiving is an on-demand system, companies gain the benefit of a tax-deductible operating expense without capital expenditures!

Imagine scanning and uploading single or multi-page documents directly into your online data warehouse – from any TWAIN-enabled scanner. It is the perfect solution for businesses looking to accelerate document processing times, increase efficiency and easily adapt document capture into existing workflows.

Digitech offers many benefits for companies adopting online business records management practices:

– Upload massive amounts of data – Digitech makes dedicated import servers available to make the process fast and smooth by including the ability to remotely scan pages into your workflow directly from your multi-function printer.

– View files quickly – users can view more than 250 different types of files in their browsers, giving them access to virtually anydocument.

– Locate documents easily – related documents can be linked to multiple projects, making them easier to find.

– Secure access – data can be protected with controlled access and 24/7 system monitoring. Administrators can inspect security logs to monitor specific actions, users, dates or other search values.

– Disaster recovery – routine data backups can be automated, with encrypted copies of live information sent to any secure location.

– Records destruction – implement retention policies to protect or purge records, or notify a user of the need to review a document prior to being purged.

Why is Digitech is considered the industry leader in online business records management? Try this:

– a 99.9% uptime guarantee

– an easy-to-use online help system

– helpful toll-free technical support

Their systems are also compliant with European Union Safe Harbor policies and the requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and are SSAE 16 certified. Digitech’s systems also provide extensive audit trails and data gathering for disclosures to comply with HIPAA, 21CFR Part 11 and more.

Is your company considering online business records management to improve your productivity?