How to Ask the Right Questions About AP Automation Software

By asking the right questions and selecting the right products, it’s easy to incorporate AP automation software into your AP process and dramatically increase your bottom line. If you understand your needs and know what questions to ask, you can better differentiate between the services provided by software vendors and choose the one that’s right for your business.

With the right AP automation software, 60% of PO-based invoices can be automatically coded, approved and released to your ERP – SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

There are a few standard questions such as: “Will the software integrate with our existing ERP software?” and “Will the software handle paper, PDFs, etc.”  However there are more specific questions regarding AP automated software that may not come to mind during the evaluation process.

Questions to Ask About AP Automation Software: 

  • Does the software match on header AND line item level? Without this feature, there is still a fair amount of manual interaction.
  • Does the software automatically calculate, code and verify freight and other surcharges within set parameters?  You want to make sure this happens or your AP staff will need to manually handle this task on all invoices with a freight cost.
  • Will the software handle different units on purchase orders and invoices?  This is an important feature so users will not have to review each invoice to confirm actual units purchased.
  • Will the software allow your AP staff to handle deviations on invoices? This feature allows the software to identify and help to fix invoice exceptions which greatly increases user efficiencies.
  • Will the software handle a variety of documents as part of the process?  To achieve the highest level of automation possible, the AP automation software must be able to handle a variety of documents in addition to invoices.
  • Can the software support limits and tolerances in the scanned fields? The best AP automation software needs to perform invoice matching that doesn’t conform exactly to the PO but does fall within accepted ranges.
  • What is the cost to process invoices?  Depending on whether you go with a service based hosted solution or an internally implemented system, costs should range between $1 – $2.50 per invoice.

Berkheimer OneSource has solutions that address all of these questions. Be sure to check out our free whitepaper to learn more about what you should be asking about AP automated software.