Is Your Document Management Becoming a Problem?

In my last post, I explored the differences between the storage of traditional paper records and digital records storage. As discussed, both offer advantages and companies need to evaluate and adopt a document management solution based on their specific needs. In most cases, businesses will save money with digital records storage over long-term paper document storage when records need to be periodically accessed or data needs to be studied.

Can Secure, Custom Document Handling Solutions Help Your Business?
On the digital recordkeeping front, at BerkOne we continually evaluate and select document-handling solutions based on their functionality, usability and cost-effectiveness. Two products by Digitech Systems stand out: ImageSilo® and PaperVision®. Both products offer excellent digital document management and recordkeeping that allow companies to capture, manage, store and securely access information. Both products also meet (and exceed) the primary objective most businesses have for document digitization: cost savings. The two products, however, use different approaches in terms of where your data resides.

ImageSilo® – The Fully-Hosted, Always-On Option
ImageSilo® gives companies the ability to store and access their data online without any capital costs. ImageSilo® is a web-based storage solution that provides companies with 24/7 access to their data, without any investment in hardware or software– turning unneeded capital expenditures into tax deductible operating expenses. It’s all available online – whenever, wherever and by whomever in your organization it’s needed – and it frees up your IT department, taking away the concerns of data management and system scalability.

Equally as important, ImageSilo® offers complete regulatory compliance, with full audit trails and multiple layers of security that can be designed specifically around your company’s needs. User activity and document history can be logged, and retention policies for individual records can be established. ImageSilo® is also completely redundant, with multiple backups to guarantee the integrity of your company’s data.

How does ImageSilo® work? Companies scan and upload single or multi-page documents directly into their online (offsite) storage from any scanner. Documents can then be accessed through a browser-based interface that has the exact same functionality as Digitech’s standalone product, Papervision® (see below).

ImageSilo® is the go-to solution for businesses that need access from everywhere: whether it be at home, in Hong Kong, the exam room, or the boardroom.

PaperVision® – Hosted Locally, Available Globally
PaperVision® is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system hosted on your company’s own systems. By maintaining digitized records in-house, companies can retain tight control over access and security.

Whether PaperVision® runs on a single desktop computer or across a network spanning thousands of machines worldwide, it can be easily scaled to meet a company’s needs. As with ImageSilo®, data can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is found by connecting directly to your company’s network. Businesses are also able to grant web-based access to external users as needed.

PaperVision® also offers a number of optional components to improve workflow and efficiency including: PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management, PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, PaperVision® Enterprise Directory Manager, PaperVision® Distribution Assistant and PaperVision® Enterprise Advanced Administration Pack and PaperVision® Message Manager.

PaperVision® is all about giving companies maximum control over security and compliance:

And while PaperVision® excels at controlling and documenting access and implementing complex information policies, it also stands out as a simple, easy-to-use and very powerful Enterprise Content Management system. Your employees can even quickly and easily access files directly from Microsoft Office and other programs.

Implementing a custom digital document handling system makes your business more efficient. Paperwork is instantly available to authorized users from anywhere and at any time. Processing times are decreased and physical document storage can be downsized. Companies need a thorough understanding of both their objectives and systems to determine whether a virtual (ImageSilo®) or client-based (PaperVision®) solution is optimal.

Has your company considered digital document management? What have you discovered?