January Newsletter

By the time you read this, the federal government shutdown may not be over, but the New Year will be at least 7% complete. So, before 2019 rushes by, spend a moment checking out our January newsletter.

  • This month, we’re introducing “Cobot Corner” to feature stories on how “co-bots” short for “collaborative software robots” – are helping people do their jobs.
  • “Your Digital Future” identifies 7 practical ideas for accelerating your digital transformation in 2019 along with the key technologies to do so.
  • We finish up with a quick review of BerkOne’s 2018 business.

Cobot Corner

In our new feature on collaborative software robots – aka “co-bots” – follow the transition of time-consuming website forms testing from a manager to a digital assistant.

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Your Digital Futureyour digital future light bulb

Consider whether your company is still handling any paper-based transactions – with customers, vendors or employees. Is the data from that paper getting into your systems and being used to create value? “Your Digital Future” has specific use cases on how to get this done.

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berkone year in review

2018 Year in Review

2018 was filled with new projects and new clients as BerkOne helped over 500 client companies, governments, school districts and other organizations with their document automation needs.

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