Patient Journeys Analytics using Timeline PI

Can you track each patient interaction with your health care professionals? 

Are your patient journeys clearly defined and mapped?

Do analytics reveal lost revenue due to improper patient routing or record keeping?


Many health care organizations are challenged to answer these questions.  

They have no method to see patient journeys within one treatment silo, much less across the entire organization.

Simple Procedures for Actionable Insights

TimelinePI reveals a complete picture of all patient interactions with your health care organization – across systems – in sequence – over time – using three data fields from one or more of your systems:

  • A common patient identifier – most likely a “patient identification number”.
  • A description of the interaction or event between the patient and your health care organization, i.e. medical code.
  • A time stamp of the interaction or event.

TimelinePI accepts data from any source: your legacy programs and data bases, all EHR’s, including EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, and McKesson, and all other systems, such as LIMS, RIS, PACS and RCM.

Patient Journeys Explained

Using this data, Timeline PI constructs an interaction map for each individual patient. This represents their “patient journey.” TimelinePI then organizes all the patient journeys into groups representing similar paths. As you look these paths, you will distinguish patterns of patient journeys – in a comprehensive way – maybe for the first time. The standard, expected paths will be there, along with unexpected, surprising outlier paths.patient journeys 1 timelinePI

By adding patient demographics, diagnoses, and payment histories, additional patterns will emerge to guide policy and process development. Overlaying your organizational data such as treatment location, equipment and staff members involved in patient interactions will provide other insights for management follow-up.

patient journeys 2 timelinePI

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