Powering Process Automation with RPA

Implementing robotic process automation (RPA) accelerates corporate digital transformation. However, the recurring question is: “Where to start?”

Looking for straight-forward “RPA start-up” answers from experienced business people? You’ve come to the right place. “Non-technologists” share practical information about successful robotic process automation projects. From getting started . . . to overcoming predictable challenges . . . to evolving the “RPA rules of the road”. Moreover, they share their actual, measurable results!

Watch these Duke Energy leaders in finance and customer service share critical knowledge about RPA:

• Select specific manual processes to automate with RPA
• Justify RPA value through a proof of concept (POC)
• Spread RPA success stories through the organization
• Plan for future applications

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Powering Process Automation with RPA

RPA provides a means to quickly and non-invasively automate existing back-office processes – all without “coding”. Without requiring extensive involvement from your already over-booked IT resources, your business users  can improve and modernize those processes in a scalable and sustainable manner. Here are some basic use cases that can be built quickly and easily:

• Automate the acquisition and integration of information
• Create a single view of multiple data sources
• Automate processes by replicating actions of a user
• Transform data into valuable information

For more information on robotic process automation (RPA), follow the link to our RPA introduction and overview. It is jam packed with information about how RPA can be used to benefit companies in any industry.

Digital Workforce RPA Introduction

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