Simplify Security Camera Audits

Effectiveness of Auditing Video & Camera Systems

Imagine auditing 50+ security cameras and video feeds!  It’s repetitive and time consuming, but essential to ensure that video evidence is available in case of an incident.  There are many recent headlines proving the effectiveness of video and camera systems during investigations.  But, sometimes footage is unavailable because cameras were off line.  Other times, the cameras weren’t at the right angle to properly record the situation. 

Regular examination of camera systems could have prevented these miscues.  Fortunately, scheduled audits enable an organization to monitor and make system changes to protect them from potential risks.  However, these audits take time and staff must be assigned to perform them. Read on to understand how a co-bot automated the audit of security cameras and video feeds.

Auditing Task

simplify-security-camera-auditsTo ensure effective camera coverage and operation, a periodic inspection of all 79 cameras and footage is critical to our client.  Our client’s administrative secretary has the responsibility for this task.  She accesses each cameras’ footage and reviews according to the company’s security requirements and standard operating procedure (SOP).  Verification includes observing that each camera contains video recordings and confirming that each camera angle is correct.  If any camera does not meet the specs in the SOP, she opens a help desk to report the problem for later resolution by technical staff members.  On average, the complete manual inspection of all cameras consumes about 2.5 hours. During peak network periods, it always takes longer. Plus, remote location camera feeds are always slow and constantly frustrating.

Could a Co-bot help Simplify Security Camera Audits?

Our client’s administrative secretary wanted to find a way to automate the security camera & video feed audit task. She heard about robotic process automation (RPA) and wondered if a co-bot could help?  She requested a meeting with BerkOne’s RPA technicians to find out.  As she walked them through all her steps, she stressed her frustration with the slow network response.   The RPA team confirmed that the co-bot easily interfaces with the camera and video system.  Additionally, accessing the system during peak times is no issue for the co-bot. 

Co-bot to the Rescue!

Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long for an automated solution. Within a few days, she became the chief user of the “Camera Audit Co-bot”. It looks at all 79 cameras on random days and completes the audit steps.  The co-bot verifies all cameras’ video feeds for a certain rate of “fps” (frames per second).  Cameras meeting the minimum fps earn a “pass”, while those that do not are flagged as “failed”.  The co-bot also gathers screen shots from each camera for the angle check. 

Afterwards, our client’s administrative secretary receives an email containing the audit report.  The report lists all cameras and their “pass / fail” status, along with a link to the screen shots. This task now takes 15 minutes which includes checking any of the failed cameras, verifying the camera angles from the screen shots, and submitting a help desk for any issues. Additionally, the admin can run this co-bot anytime it’s needed, i.e. in response to a client audit request.

While this co-bot’s functionality may seem elementary, it perfectly delivers the complex business requirements with a simple user interface. The level of reporting and control meets the client’s compliance requirements. The reporting provides a permanent audit trail. It automates a mundane, time-consuming task, saving valuable administrative time and eliminating frustration.

Additional Functionality

Once the Camera Audit Co-bot went into service, potential enhancements were identified and planned for future implementation, such as:

  • Generating a help desk and an email notification to the admin if co-bot senses a camera is down.
  • Generating real time alerts and screen shots if co-bot detects anyone in a restricted area or present during our client’s off business hours.