Document Scanning & Imaging

BerkOne’s unique combination of industry-leading document scanning equipment and highly experienced people enables us to efficiently digitize documents and extract critical data with a high degree of accuracy.

Our document scanning and imaging capabilities have unlimited applications. Whether it’s part of an accounts receivable workflow or a mailroom processing initiative, we can take the paper out of your process – dramatically improving efficiency and data quality, and reducing manual work.

We can digitize, index, transmit and / or manage tens of thousands of documents as part of a backfile conversion, or handle a few hundred at a time on a day-forward basis. Whatever your needs, BerkOne specializes in assembling solutions that work for you.

Mailroom Automation With BerkOne

Many organizations choose to leverage BerkOne’s document scanning and imaging capabilities to automate mailroom processing. We can provide end-to-end mail solutions – including opening, preparation, sorting and scanning – or handle one or two discrete parts of the process. Better yet, if you utilize direct mail campaigns or other response-driven efforts, our team of form designers can help you craft collateral specifically designed to improve the accuracy of the scanning and data extraction process, further reducing manual handling and driving increased efficiency into the process.

No matter how your organization uses our document scanning and imaging capabilities, our goal is the same: reducing your workload to empower your business to focus on what makes you great.

Why BerkOne Document Scanning?

  • Expertise: Our team of imaging and forms design specialists drives unique efficiency into the process.
  • Compliance: We have deep experience with regulated spaces and handling sensitive information.
  • Flexibility: Whether you need an end-to-end solution or a discrete scanning job, we can serve your needs.