Lockbox (AR) Automation

BerkOne’s lockbox and accounts receivable automation solutions create process improvements for organizations of all sizes.

By automating AR processes with BerkOne, businesses and governmental bodies can achieve tangible efficiency gains in the accounting department, realize next-day access to funds previously locked in paper check float, and dramatically improve audit-readiness and visibility.

Whether you choose to leverage our full-featured, end-to-end lockbox/AR automation services or task our team with one or two discrete pieces of the process, we will work with you to develop and implement solutions that empower you to focus on what makes your business great.

By automating document processing and smartly using technology to classify incoming documents, we’ll reduce your accounting team’s manual tasks and virtually eliminate time-consuming pre-sorting errors – and we’ll do it efficiently, without just throwing manpower at the process. At BerkOne, process automation and business improvements are driven by innovation, not brute force.

Why Automate AR with BerkOne?

  • Faster Access to Funds: Thanks to BerkOne’s Check 21 system, we can deposit digital versions of your checks on the day we receive them.
  • Compliance: We have deep experience with regulated spaces and handling sensitive information.
  • Visibility: You’ll have on-demand access to images of every check and piece of correspondence we receive on your behalf, as well as aggregate data.
  • Flexibility: Whether you need an end-to-end solution or a discrete piece accomplished, we can serve your needs.