Workflow & Content Management

At BerkOne, we specialize in selecting, integrating and deploying best-in-breed solutions in order to streamline clients’ workflows and deliver tangible ROI.

No matter your industry – education, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, utilities or anything else – we have the people and proven expertise to help you tune your workflows for maximum efficiency, automate manual processes and drive maximum throughput. Imagine processing travel and expense claims with only 10 percent of the effort you put in today. Or processing accounts payable transactions 82 percent faster. Or having mailed checks available as liquid assets as soon as the next day. With BerkOne, it’s all possible.

Technology & Innovation. Not Just Manpower.

At BerkOne, we believe in achieving workflow efficiency through brainpower, experience and innovation – not brute force. We combine the skills of two application development teams, a technology integration team and numerous best-in-class third-party applications to create the exact solutions you need. We don’t just resell the hardware and software solutions; we actively use and expand upon them, both on behalf of our clients and for our own business. No two engagements are the same; our vast integration and customization experience gives clients confidence we can get the job done.

Content Management: Streamlining Access to Information

We understand that access to information and analytics is mission-critical for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we base many of our solutions on leading content management systems and our Client Connected portal technology. The goal? Giving clients 24/7/365 access to the highly accurate data and digitized documents they need to make informed business decisions. We pride ourselves on taking work off of clients’ plates, while helping to deliver more value to their customers and shareholders.

Why Let BerkOne Streamline Your Workflows?

  • Efficiency: Our goal in every engagement is the reduction of non-value-added activities to achieve leaner processes and lower costs.
  • Flexibility: Whatever your need, BerkOne can deploy the right mix of services, tools, people and technology to meet it.
  • Technology: We create sustainable solutions by using experience and technology, not just extra manpower.
  • Service: We’re here to meet your needs and help you achieve success. Clients are – and always will be – the No. 1 priority.