Process Intelligence for Digital Transformation Using TimelinePI

If your company is serious about digital transformation, then get started! Digital maturity leads to improved competitiveness.

So, where to invest to get the best bang for the buck from digital transformation? Many companies have only an approximation of current process performance. They don’t know their true leverage points for high value change. This uncertainly causes delays. Finally, someone decides “X marks the spot”, but there is still a nagging feeling that the treasure may be hidden somewhere else.

Using actual data produced by company processes, Timeline PI illuminates what’s really going on inside your company’s workflows. This verifiable process intelligence provides a “new view of reality” enabling management insight into bottleneck locations . . . and leverage points for transformation. Anyone seriously interested in digital transformation or process improvement should watch this 7 minute introduction to Timeline PI.

To learn more about TimelinePI for digital transformation or process improvement, provide your contact information and a BerkOne representative follow-up with you.

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